December 14-25 Tis the Season

So we have been super busy this past week, what else is new!?! We have kept up with most of our crafting but haven’t really had time to post them. Here is what we have been up to (not in order.

December 14 –  We had lots of help this week with our crafts. Here is our paper Christmas trees, using strips of left over scrap booking paper.


December 15 – Decorating Christmas cookies, lots of mess but always lots of fun. We actually did this activity twice! Thanks to the cousins for helping out!


December 16 – Baking a cake, from a box (tsk tsk).  Actually mommy did all of this activity. I think some one had a lot of stimulation this week and took some down time to recover.


December 17 – Paper plate angels with LOTS of glitter glue!


December 17 – Popsicle stick reindeer. They look even better on the tree 🙂


December 18 – Hot chocolate date with an absolute refusal to smile, one of those days.


December 19 – Another tree ornament, made with card board and string. Just note, this craft is not really ideal for toddlers. Izzy didn’t have enough motor skills (or attention span) to weave the string around the cardboard.


December 20 – Paper Christmas Wreaths. Love how these came out! super easy.They are hung on the door in the front hall way.


December 21 – Ice skating day! DSCN2047

December 22 – String Christmas trees. We used a ton of glue for this project, probably won’t do it again. DSCN2055

December 23 – Family games night. We have to pick games that are toddler friendly, so we picked Jenga and a jumping frog game. Yes, my daughter is not wearing clothes. She spends most of the day like this when at home. Mostly because I would have to use duct tape to keep the clothes on! Why fight it.

DSCF6561 DSCF6558

December 24 – Family movie night! Madacascar 3. Good movie! Thanks Nance for the recommendation. Some body only made it through the first 30 minutes of the movie though, zzzz…….DSCF6566

December 25 was a great day spent with our little family and opening presents. It was a great day to reflect on the blessings our family has and how thankful we are for the time together. Hope you can enjoy the season with your family! Thanks for reading about our crafts this month! Next month Izzy and I will start blogging about our alphabet adventures as we attempt to make our way through the alphabet with as much fun as possible.

God Bless,

The So’s


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