December 12-13

December 12- Marble painting! But I had no marbles (no comment necessary) so we used golf balls instead. We put paper in a plastic tub and some paint, then added the golf balls and rolled them through the paint. We do this craft often, seems to go over very well, and clean up is easy 🙂 I think I actually prefer the golf balls instead of marbles because it leaves a neat pattern.


December 13 – Today’s craft was hand print reindeer.  The hardest part was getting Izzy to sit still long enough while I cut out her traced hand. Note to self, next time have this step prepared ahead of time or else suffer the consequence of pom pom insanity – Don’t ask. We cut out a hand and glued eyes and a nose. I ended up using a hot glue gun for the pipe cleaner antlers, which add a neat 3D touch.


So now that I am officially caught up on all the crafts, we have family visiting this week from Chicago. We most likely will fall behind as a week with the cousins is always enjoyably packed with the most amount of fun possible! Perhaps I can convince them to join in the crafting fun, hint hint to you know who!

Hope you get to spend some time with your out of town family this month! I love it when they come.


God Bless,

The So’s


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