December 6-11

This past weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Jonathan’s grandpa in New Jersey.  The ten hour drive was well worth the trip, and “Grandpa Pineapple” seemed happy to see us! It is amazing the amount of joy that a small child can bring to others. We enjoyed our trip to see him and feel very blessed to have Izzy meet her Great Grandpa Pineapple!


So now that we are back home safe and sound it’s time to play catch up with our crafting! Here we go…

December 6 –  This craft was used a dollar store cardboard frame. I would have preferred a wooden one, but we made do. Izzy did all the painting with water colours. We gifted it to Great Grandpa Pineapple, and it was well received.  It’s neat to watch Izzy take pride in what she accomplished and to watch her give her creations to some one else.


December 7 – This craft did not turn out as intended. We bought some canvases from the dollar store and used tape to outline a snow flake, then painted over the tape. When the tape was removed I was expecting a white snow flake, but of course the paint ran underneath the tape. So we rescued the paintings by using more paint to outline the snow flake. Theses are now hung in our bathroom, and I get a kick out of Izzy when she sits on the toilet and gasps “wow, snowflake”.


December  8 – This is Christmas Tree Blocks. We bought a stick of wood (something call a 2×2 I think?) I didn’t pay attention to the size, lol. I don’t do lumber. I had my dad cut it into equal size blocks. Izzy and I added paint and voila! A block tree that she likes to push down and re build.


December 9 -Popsicle stick Christmas trees. The pom poms look so cute. We hung this ornament on our tree.


December 10 – Today was not a craft, we did a winter activity. Since we have yet to see any valuable amount of snow, we decided to make sure our winter gear was in working order. We put on every piece of winter clothing possible and had a parade throughout the house, sung to jingle bells of course.

All decked out.

All decked out.

December 11 – Here is our marshmallow snow man. This craft was great at keeping Izzy’s attention, mainly because she got a nice snack during the process!

Yes, more marshmallows ended up in the mouth than on the paper! That's half the fun.

Yes, more marshmallows ended up in the mouth than on the paper! That’s half the fun.

Hope you like our crafts! More to follow soon. Hope you are making the most out of the month! This time of year comes and goes so fast, it can be hard to keep up. We are looking forward to having some family visit next week, but I have a feeling time will move even faster then!

God Bless,

The So’s


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