The count down is on…

Who doesn’t love the month of December?!? With all the anticipation for the big event and the celebrations leading up to it, even my inner child is jumping for joy – or maybe that’s the sugar talking. Regardless, December brings with it many traditions that I remember as a kid, and can now pass onto my own child, like the infamous advent calendar.

As a kid, I was so excited to get chocolate everyday, and open the little windows to see which chocolate I got, and even more excited when I missed the day before and got to have TWO, mmmm chocolate – the breakfast of champions!  Now that I’m a parent I can see a bit of a down side to providing even MORE chocolate/candy/sugar to my overly active two year old. I figure why not leave that for the grandparents to dish out, since that seems to be in their job description.

This year we are introducing a Crafting Advent Calendar, and even though it may not have chocolate inside, I think it will still provide a nice tradition to share in our family.  So, here is a sneek peek at our advent calender, and I will do my best to show you updates of each day’s craft or activity (like that’s even remotely possible as a busy mom), I will do my best.

Our Crafting advent Calendar! Each day has a picture or item for that day's craft.

Our Crafting advent Calendar! Each day has a picture or item for that day’s craft.

Hope you have a fun month too!

God Bless,

The So’s.


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