It’s About Time

So it’s been a while since I have been blogging. Life seems to get busy by the minute around here. The purpose of this blog was to remember fond moment in our family, and I haven’t been diligently doing that. So here’s a recap of where we were since the summer.

August was a bit of a blur, Jon started teaching at the beginning of the month since he is now in a balanced calendar year. It was a struggle to get adjusted  not having him around all the time again, but we managed. Izzy seemed to miss him most in the mornings. We were still able to pack a lot of fun in the rest of the summer, like visits to the zoo, science centre and of course the cottage.  But the summer went by quick, and fall went by even faster!

September was pretty amazing. We were blessed with the opportunity to watch two different friends get married, and both weddings were spectacular in their own way. I can barely attempt to address the gourmet food or the fabulous dancing at these weddings (yes even I danced!). The month ended with our BIG trip. We had planned a trip just for Isabelle. DISNEY WORLD!!!

Disney was beyond awesome, a must do vacation for any age! We had a great time, and Izzy had an even better time. She seemed to take pleasure in the whole week we were there. I think we decided that we should start saving to come back again before we even left for home.

After our big return from the big vacation, it was go time. Of course we all ended up with colds, and had to re adjust to the busy life style here. The two weeks later it was time for Izzy’s second tubes surgery. She did a great job, and bounced back remarkably well, as most kids do. But of course I couldn’t help but be concerned and filled with worry. Shortly after her new tubes, we ended up with yet another ear infection! This time was a bit different though as a weird and funky smell came from her ears. Back to the ENT we go! But after a round of ear drops she has recovered this time, and we just wait until the next one I suppose. Izzy is much better at handling this sort of thing than I am! Ah, motherhood.

Anyways, November seemed to drag, a rather uneventful month, as if we were just plugging along. But now, yyyyyes, it is December, a month of total excitement and celebrations. We kicked thing off with the Tree of course, and also managed to get in a bake exchange and the start of our crafting advent calendar, and it’s only December 3rd. Still lots of time left to celebrate this month! Hopefully we will find time to remember these moments and cherish them for time to come.

Hope you and your family can find some time to have great memories to be remembered this month!

God Bless,

The So’s


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