Mushy Montreal Moments

This post is rather late, however better late than never I suppose, or so the saying goes.


Labour day weekend was spent with just Jon and myself and a weekend away. Izzy was super excited to have some extended time at Grandma’s house, and we were just happy to get a good nights sleep! A friend of mine from university was getting married that weekend in Montreal so we decided to make a nice trip of it. The drive was long, 6 hours, but well worth it!


The weekend was spent eating at new restaurants (without a toddler!) and seeing new sights, even trying out a fantastic science centre that we had never been to before.  On top of a jam packed vacation we were honoured by attending a very small and intimate wedding, maybe 30 guests in total. It was one of the most elegant weddings I have ever been to! The food was oh so good and so delicate and  so fancy, felt like I was on an episode of top chef! I even embraced the evening by wearing a pair a high heels (that I borrowed).  The evening felt very sophisticated and a great way to end some much needed adult time only.
Monday morning we raced back home to Grandma’s as fast as our little tires could go. It was great to be away, but boy did we miss our little girl. Maybe next time we will take her with us to visit that beautiful city.


God Bless,

The So’s