So this post is a tad late, sigh, that’s life. Izzy has come down with Strep Throat, so while trying desperately to keep up with daily routines I am spending as much time cuddling and watching cartoons as possible. The good news is her fever seems to be gone and we are slowly on the mend. The bad news is her sleep patterns are still out of whack. You’d think she’d be exhausted and sleep more, but no this child decides that being sick is her cue to stay up all night and party!!! And of course no naps during the day either! Just a big set of puffy eyes and one determined girl who won’t give up! But we love her just the same.


Regardless, my point, last weekend was my first ever Mud Run, it was great to have our family there and some great friends join in. Yes, I did a crazy hard obstacle course and ran through the mud pit finally with every once of energy I could muster.



This was a fantastic morning. Once the nerves fadded and we started the run I felt great….until the first hill of course, then those feelings turned into a “what have I done”!!??!! It was the most intense 5K I have ever ran.  The obstacles alone were tough, running up crazy hills, through ponds, under fences, over tires, the list goes on. But of course don’t forget the mud pit finale! I barely finished alive, but boy what a rush! A strong recommendation for anybody looking to have a good time and get moving.


can’t wait for next years event!

God Bless,

The So’s




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