Mmmmm…. Milton Rib Fest!

This past weekend we had the fantastic opportunity to go to the Milton Rib Fest! Which was beyond amazing, and felt good to get out into our new community having just moved here a few months ago. Not that I am biased to our new amazing town, but boy does it have an amazing Rib Fest!


We went Friday evening, just the three of us, for some much needed family time. The past week was tough as Izzy and I were away at the cottage with my family, and Jon was left alone at home (working). And even though we had a great time at the cottage it was tough being apart. So the best solution was an impromptu family night out.


The rib fest was not that crowded, which was a big change from other fests we have been too. Coming from a big(ger) city we just expected long lines to be the norm, but not here!!! It took only minutes to get through the line, well one of them at least. Of course Jon had to try more than one type of ribs 🙂  Izzy seemed more than satisfied with just fries, not a big rib fan I guess, she takes after her mom.


Regardless, good food, great music, and even a carousel ride for Izzy – what’s not to love?!? We had a great time and I think we are looking forward to this event next year already!  Maybe we will see you there!


God Bless,

The So’s


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