Let’s Go To The EX!

Saturday was a loooong day, but a great day! Funny how the most exhausting moments can be the most influential.


The day started off with  a morning run, before any one else was awake. Just me and myself. I didn’t intend on running for a hour, but 8 kms later I was home again, what a sense of accomplishment and the day had hardly begun. But of course, my little ray of sunshine woke up as soon as I got home. So thus began our morning routine.



After breakfast, teeth brushing, getting dressed (the list goes on) we decided to hit the garage sale down the street. I like supporting kids and helping them learn life skills so I usually give Izzy a toonie and tell her she can buy one item. So back home we trotted with a video game system in hand and begged Daddy to set it up. Two minutes later we have a kiddie karaoke machine with a microphone and a very happy toddler! She may not understand how to work the game but she cannot get enough of hearing her voice come through the t.v.!  This gave me the perfect opportunity to head out for some me time and grab a massage (thank you teacher benefits!)


At this point, with a picnic packed lunch and plenty of water we headed towards our destination for the day, THE EX! This has been a So Family tradition for years and years (according to Jonathan) and we are eager to maintain this honour. The great part is that we were joined by Jon’s parents, his sister, and his sister and family from Chicago. That made 10 of us! Phew! We decided to meet everybody down there as we wanted Izzy to experience a train ride, which went over really well (aside from the 40 minute wait for a train!)

But once we got there, the day flew by, so much to see, too many too count. Of course it included tiny tom donuts (thanks mom) and a viewing of the dog show The other great thing was watching Izzy at the petting zoo feeding the animals, and giving one particular goat a piece of her mind! Haha, she showed him!

After a crazy long day, which felt even long with no nap, we headed back to the train and a nice ride home. It was great! But made for a very long day filled with fond memories.


God Bless,

The So’s





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