Another Busy Weekend

Another busy weekend for our little So family! Summer is always better when it is busy, so in true So fashion we packed up again this weekend and headed out to Sudbury to join the tail end of the Big So Family Summer Vacation.  This year Jon was working during the month of August so we end up joining the rest of the family on the weekend for two days of busy fun.


Sudbury was great, it had more to offer than I thought. The highlight of the trip was the children’s play zone at the nickle mine museum, a definite must! Seeing the tour of the actual mine was pretty neat too (for the older crowd). We also spent some time at Science North which was shocking how much their science centre differs from the one in Toronto.  And of course, the day had to finish off with a trip to Swiss Chalet and a dip in the pool.


We enjoy our time together, it was a blast and I am sure Izzy can’t wait until the next one!


God Bless,

The So’s


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