So this post is a tad late, sigh, that’s life. Izzy has come down with Strep Throat, so while trying desperately to keep up with daily routines I am spending as much time cuddling and watching cartoons as possible. The good news is her fever seems to be gone and we are slowly on the mend. The bad news is her sleep patterns are still out of whack. You’d think she’d be exhausted and sleep more, but no this child decides that being sick is her cue to stay up all night and party!!! And of course no naps during the day either! Just a big set of puffy eyes and one determined girl who won’t give up! But we love her just the same.


Regardless, my point, last weekend was my first ever Mud Run, it was great to have our family there and some great friends join in. Yes, I did a crazy hard obstacle course and ran through the mud pit finally with every once of energy I could muster.



This was a fantastic morning. Once the nerves fadded and we started the run I felt great….until the first hill of course, then those feelings turned into a “what have I done”!!??!! It was the most intense 5K I have ever ran.  The obstacles alone were tough, running up crazy hills, through ponds, under fences, over tires, the list goes on. But of course don’t forget the mud pit finale! I barely finished alive, but boy what a rush! A strong recommendation for anybody looking to have a good time and get moving.


can’t wait for next years event!

God Bless,

The So’s




Let’s Go To The EX!

Saturday was a loooong day, but a great day! Funny how the most exhausting moments can be the most influential.


The day started off with  a morning run, before any one else was awake. Just me and myself. I didn’t intend on running for a hour, but 8 kms later I was home again, what a sense of accomplishment and the day had hardly begun. But of course, my little ray of sunshine woke up as soon as I got home. So thus began our morning routine.



After breakfast, teeth brushing, getting dressed (the list goes on) we decided to hit the garage sale down the street. I like supporting kids and helping them learn life skills so I usually give Izzy a toonie and tell her she can buy one item. So back home we trotted with a video game system in hand and begged Daddy to set it up. Two minutes later we have a kiddie karaoke machine with a microphone and a very happy toddler! She may not understand how to work the game but she cannot get enough of hearing her voice come through the t.v.!  This gave me the perfect opportunity to head out for some me time and grab a massage (thank you teacher benefits!)


At this point, with a picnic packed lunch and plenty of water we headed towards our destination for the day, THE EX! This has been a So Family tradition for years and years (according to Jonathan) and we are eager to maintain this honour. The great part is that we were joined by Jon’s parents, his sister, and his sister and family from Chicago. That made 10 of us! Phew! We decided to meet everybody down there as we wanted Izzy to experience a train ride, which went over really well (aside from the 40 minute wait for a train!)

But once we got there, the day flew by, so much to see, too many too count. Of course it included tiny tom donuts (thanks mom) and a viewing of the dog show The other great thing was watching Izzy at the petting zoo feeding the animals, and giving one particular goat a piece of her mind! Haha, she showed him!

After a crazy long day, which felt even long with no nap, we headed back to the train and a nice ride home. It was great! But made for a very long day filled with fond memories.


God Bless,

The So’s




Mmmmm…. Milton Rib Fest!

This past weekend we had the fantastic opportunity to go to the Milton Rib Fest! Which was beyond amazing, and felt good to get out into our new community having just moved here a few months ago. Not that I am biased to our new amazing town, but boy does it have an amazing Rib Fest!


We went Friday evening, just the three of us, for some much needed family time. The past week was tough as Izzy and I were away at the cottage with my family, and Jon was left alone at home (working). And even though we had a great time at the cottage it was tough being apart. So the best solution was an impromptu family night out.


The rib fest was not that crowded, which was a big change from other fests we have been too. Coming from a big(ger) city we just expected long lines to be the norm, but not here!!! It took only minutes to get through the line, well one of them at least. Of course Jon had to try more than one type of ribs 🙂  Izzy seemed more than satisfied with just fries, not a big rib fan I guess, she takes after her mom.


Regardless, good food, great music, and even a carousel ride for Izzy – what’s not to love?!? We had a great time and I think we are looking forward to this event next year already!  Maybe we will see you there!


God Bless,

The So’s

Another Busy Weekend

Another busy weekend for our little So family! Summer is always better when it is busy, so in true So fashion we packed up again this weekend and headed out to Sudbury to join the tail end of the Big So Family Summer Vacation.  This year Jon was working during the month of August so we end up joining the rest of the family on the weekend for two days of busy fun.


Sudbury was great, it had more to offer than I thought. The highlight of the trip was the children’s play zone at the nickle mine museum, a definite must! Seeing the tour of the actual mine was pretty neat too (for the older crowd). We also spent some time at Science North which was shocking how much their science centre differs from the one in Toronto.  And of course, the day had to finish off with a trip to Swiss Chalet and a dip in the pool.


We enjoy our time together, it was a blast and I am sure Izzy can’t wait until the next one!


God Bless,

The So’s

Re Charging

This past weekend was spent with dear friends of ours in Rideau Ferry, at a cottage on the lake, with great food and even better company.  With 2 two and a half year olds running around, lots of sun and some boat rides it was a recipe for a fantastic and BUSY weekend? Who could think about napping with so much on the go?!? We had a great time, and look forward to another trip back there next summer.



In the meantime, we are all spent.  The energy level seems rather low…..maybe even take-out for dinner! Even Isabelle seems rather “laid back” than her usual “busy Izzy” self.
Guess that is the sign of a well used summer 🙂 We are already looking forward to next weekend as we plan a trip up to see family in Sudbury.

Hope you can make the most of your busy summer and enjoy it with some great friends.

With Love,

The So’s

Welcome to The So Family Blog

Life seems to be flying by! I’m sure you know the saying “time flies” or “where does the time go”?  Well, in hopes to cherish each and every moment of our growing family I decided we can record it, an online journal, where we can share and honour the good the bad and the uh, messy moments of our blessed lives.  I want to make the most out of the time we have together and this is our outlet to record those moments.