A Vivacious Valentines

Here is a few of the valentines activities we did this year to celebrate the holiday:

1. Red Velvet Waffles. We used a box cake mix, which worked well. Just note that you need to grease the waffle maker really well.


2. Paper heart garland.


3. Tissue paper hearts


4. Valentines cookies.  This is a really easy activity for young kids.


5.Valentines for our friends, bouncy balls and gum balls.

DSCF6594 DSCF6595

6. Pink valentine smoothie love DSCN2213

7. Our valentines collection.


Hope you all had a nice valentines.


God Bless,

The So’s.


Perfect Penguin Party

Our not so baby girl turned 3!!! And her party of choice was everything penguin. This post shows a combination of the family party and the friend party that we had. I decided to break them into two parties this year, as the number keeps growing. Hope you like the photos!




Penguin Crackers – perfect for the theme, and super easy to serve

DSCN2070 - Copy


Penguin Cookies (oreos) and Ice cube pops (marshmallows)

DSCN2071 - Copy


Gone Fishin’  Jello



Igloo Cake

DSCN2074 - Copy


Ice cream cone cupackesDSCN2132 DSCN2148



Penguin Bowling




Musical Ice BurgsDSCN2201


Find the penguin (in a box of snow)DSCN2170


Balloon funDSCN2176


Penguin Art GalleryDSCN2199

Fishing Hole (sorry for the blurry picture, there is also a magnet fishing rod you can’t really see here)





fish crackers



Melting snow pops (marshmallows)DSCN2130



Penguin Poop! hahahaha, still cracking up over this. (It’s actually gum balls).



Penguin Colouring books and Penguin masksDSCN2126


Penguin Finger PuppetsDSCN2125



DSCN2146 DSCN2145 DSCN2144 DSCN2143 DSCN2139 DSCN2140 DSCN2141 DSCN2142


Izzy had a great time at her party, and is very thankful to have her friends come. Hope the penguins had a good time 🙂 Now it’s time for my nap!



God Bless,

The So’s


December 14-25 Tis the Season

So we have been super busy this past week, what else is new!?! We have kept up with most of our crafting but haven’t really had time to post them. Here is what we have been up to (not in order.

December 14 –  We had lots of help this week with our crafts. Here is our paper Christmas trees, using strips of left over scrap booking paper.


December 15 – Decorating Christmas cookies, lots of mess but always lots of fun. We actually did this activity twice! Thanks to the cousins for helping out!


December 16 – Baking a cake, from a box (tsk tsk).  Actually mommy did all of this activity. I think some one had a lot of stimulation this week and took some down time to recover.


December 17 – Paper plate angels with LOTS of glitter glue!


December 17 – Popsicle stick reindeer. They look even better on the tree 🙂


December 18 – Hot chocolate date with an absolute refusal to smile, one of those days.


December 19 – Another tree ornament, made with card board and string. Just note, this craft is not really ideal for toddlers. Izzy didn’t have enough motor skills (or attention span) to weave the string around the cardboard.


December 20 – Paper Christmas Wreaths. Love how these came out! super easy.They are hung on the door in the front hall way.


December 21 – Ice skating day! DSCN2047

December 22 – String Christmas trees. We used a ton of glue for this project, probably won’t do it again. DSCN2055

December 23 – Family games night. We have to pick games that are toddler friendly, so we picked Jenga and a jumping frog game. Yes, my daughter is not wearing clothes. She spends most of the day like this when at home. Mostly because I would have to use duct tape to keep the clothes on! Why fight it.

DSCF6561 DSCF6558

December 24 – Family movie night! Madacascar 3. Good movie! Thanks Nance for the recommendation. Some body only made it through the first 30 minutes of the movie though, zzzz…….DSCF6566

December 25 was a great day spent with our little family and opening presents. It was a great day to reflect on the blessings our family has and how thankful we are for the time together. Hope you can enjoy the season with your family! Thanks for reading about our crafts this month! Next month Izzy and I will start blogging about our alphabet adventures as we attempt to make our way through the alphabet with as much fun as possible.

God Bless,

The So’s

December 12-13

December 12- Marble painting! But I had no marbles (no comment necessary) so we used golf balls instead. We put paper in a plastic tub and some paint, then added the golf balls and rolled them through the paint. We do this craft often, seems to go over very well, and clean up is easy 🙂 I think I actually prefer the golf balls instead of marbles because it leaves a neat pattern.


December 13 – Today’s craft was hand print reindeer.  The hardest part was getting Izzy to sit still long enough while I cut out her traced hand. Note to self, next time have this step prepared ahead of time or else suffer the consequence of pom pom insanity – Don’t ask. We cut out a hand and glued eyes and a nose. I ended up using a hot glue gun for the pipe cleaner antlers, which add a neat 3D touch.


So now that I am officially caught up on all the crafts, we have family visiting this week from Chicago. We most likely will fall behind as a week with the cousins is always enjoyably packed with the most amount of fun possible! Perhaps I can convince them to join in the crafting fun, hint hint to you know who!

Hope you get to spend some time with your out of town family this month! I love it when they come.


God Bless,

The So’s

December 6-11

This past weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Jonathan’s grandpa in New Jersey.  The ten hour drive was well worth the trip, and “Grandpa Pineapple” seemed happy to see us! It is amazing the amount of joy that a small child can bring to others. We enjoyed our trip to see him and feel very blessed to have Izzy meet her Great Grandpa Pineapple!


So now that we are back home safe and sound it’s time to play catch up with our crafting! Here we go…

December 6 –  This craft was used a dollar store cardboard frame. I would have preferred a wooden one, but we made do. Izzy did all the painting with water colours. We gifted it to Great Grandpa Pineapple, and it was well received.  It’s neat to watch Izzy take pride in what she accomplished and to watch her give her creations to some one else.


December 7 – This craft did not turn out as intended. We bought some canvases from the dollar store and used tape to outline a snow flake, then painted over the tape. When the tape was removed I was expecting a white snow flake, but of course the paint ran underneath the tape. So we rescued the paintings by using more paint to outline the snow flake. Theses are now hung in our bathroom, and I get a kick out of Izzy when she sits on the toilet and gasps “wow, snowflake”.


December  8 – This is Christmas Tree Blocks. We bought a stick of wood (something call a 2×2 I think?) I didn’t pay attention to the size, lol. I don’t do lumber. I had my dad cut it into equal size blocks. Izzy and I added paint and voila! A block tree that she likes to push down and re build.


December 9 -Popsicle stick Christmas trees. The pom poms look so cute. We hung this ornament on our tree.


December 10 – Today was not a craft, we did a winter activity. Since we have yet to see any valuable amount of snow, we decided to make sure our winter gear was in working order. We put on every piece of winter clothing possible and had a parade throughout the house, sung to jingle bells of course.

All decked out.

All decked out.

December 11 – Here is our marshmallow snow man. This craft was great at keeping Izzy’s attention, mainly because she got a nice snack during the process!

Yes, more marshmallows ended up in the mouth than on the paper! That's half the fun.

Yes, more marshmallows ended up in the mouth than on the paper! That’s half the fun.

Hope you like our crafts! More to follow soon. Hope you are making the most out of the month! This time of year comes and goes so fast, it can be hard to keep up. We are looking forward to having some family visit next week, but I have a feeling time will move even faster then!

God Bless,

The So’s

December 4-5

December 4 – Meet our new friend, Frosty Fridge! This activity was super easy and gave us a chance to review the anatomy of a snowman.



December 5 – Today’s craft was a trip down memory lane. Do you remember making paper chains in elementary school? I do! We also had some great friends come over and help us which made it even better 🙂


December 1-3

So already, as you can see, I am behind on my updates. Heh heh, I figured that was going to happen.

December 1st – Time to put up the tree.  Special shout out to the redheaded angle on top 🙂


December 2nd – Put up the outdoor lights, granted this was actually done on December 1st – that happens when you have a husband that doesn’t sit still well. Thankfully we did it early as it rained on December 2nd.

Yes, I apologize for the blurry photo, but as you can see I am not aloud outside by myself for even two seconds to take a picture.

Yes, I apologize for the blurry photo, but as you can see I am not allowed outside by myself for even two seconds to take a picture. I always have company.

December 3 – Today was decorating Santa hats. Izzy has now perfected the “ho ho ho”. Not that I am biased, but I think she does it better than the big guy. Thanks to uncle Sean and Auntie Lisa for the glitter glue!

Funny side note, Izzy calls cotton balls marshmallows, thanks to Granpda, who thinks it’s funny when she tries to eat them. After checking in on her while washing the glitter off her hands I noticed the sink was clogged. I asked “Izzy, did you put something down there?” to which she replied “Yep, a marshmallow” with a proud look. *big mom sigh*.

Bet you can't guess which one Mommy did.

Bet you can’t guess which one Mommy did.



Very excited for December 4th’s craft, it is not to be missed!


God Bless,

The So’s.